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Like water rushing over the falls PaperTrack is the key to

Managing the Natural Flow of Information

PaperTrack is an efficient document management system that features the security,  storage, search ability and document cross linking of all the documents within the system.  With preset permissions, users can search, retrieve and view multiple documents that exist across the many departments within an organization.  By incorporating PaperTrack into your organization, your company will reap the benefits of increased security, accessibility and productivity.

PaperTrack stands alone in the market of document management software.  In fact, PaperTrack comes standard with many features that competitors do not have or charge extra for.  Features such as Zonal OCR, Document Retention Scheduling and Multiple Security Levels make our product highly functional and desirable.  PaperTrack's PT-Applink will allow you to integrate an existing Windows application with PaperTrack.  Therefore allowing you  to search, retrieve and display images from PaperTrack based on values you select from within your other existing application.

PaperTrack System allows you to capture, store, retrieve and manage documents that are important to your organization.  In addition, our product was built on an open architecture that is both flexible and scalable.  In an open architecture system such as ours, your current database will work in conjunction with other data mining applications.  For flexibility, all documents are compressed into storage volumes or disk space usage is minimized and network file transfer speed is greatly increased.  With the proper system requirements, PaperTrack's PT-Web function can be used to incorporate and link PaperTrack's document repository with your organization's existing Intranet or Internet.

PaperTrack is the S.M.A.R.T. Document Management Software for Small, Medium and Enterprise Wide Systems.  Starting from $1,500 for a basic, 3 user network system, PaperTrack's Small Business Edition will enable you to scan or import documents, identify  your documents by type, index them from common keywords (or full text search) and search, retrieve and display, print or export them.  PaperTrack's Business Edition includes additional features which you can use to integrate PaperTrack's storage and retrieval  features with your existing Windows application.

Need even more features?  The PaperTrack Enterprise Edition has all of the features of the Business Edition and includes:

PT-Forms for form processing, PT-Web for Web Servers access and the option to purchase PT-COLD, or PT Workflow functionalities.



Hot Tip

Press the F5 key when indexing documents to activate the AutoKey Fill function.
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Hot Feature
PT-Document Packs  allow you to export the database information & images to a location where you can run PaperTrack as a standalone system.
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Hot News

Upcoming PaperTrack training dates for resellers and end users.
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